Buñuel at His Wildest, in Circulation Again


Re–blog from NY Times.

This week the Criterion Collection will release two, since long out of circulation, films by Luis Buñel. In this article Dave Kehr presents them and gives a short well–written introduction to Luis Buñuel’s career as a film–maker.


One Response to “Buñuel at His Wildest, in Circulation Again”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Wonderful to see these rarities back in circulation. As a lifelong cineaste, I despair when I browse the shelves at video stores these days and see the absolute paucity of older or obscure films. Perhaps it’s different in the big cities of New York, Toronto, Chicago et all but where I live there is no possibility of finding anything of the slightest interest to anyone with a mental age above fourteen. Bunuel was an auteur, a meaningless word these days; now we’re inundated with eye candy, CGI-filled tempests in teapots with the intelligence of woodchucks.

    God help us…

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