Welcome to my blog! Me being Gustaf Jarnling, a Swede living in Stockholm. In this blog you will mainly find re–blogs of news that grabbed my attention. But from time to time I will also let you know my point of view. If you want to find out more about me and what kind of subjects I’ll be blogging about, please read on. Otherwise, have a nice visit and please feel free to get in touch either through e–mail or by posting a comment.

I’m currently a student of experimental music and sound art at the University of Stockholm. I’ve spend quite some time in the academy, studying a lot of different subjects, among them philosophy, history of ideas, psychology and neuroscience. That said I still see myself as autodidact.

Economy isn’t my biggest strength, but still I’ve tried out many different ways to earn a living. For instance gambling, programming, shop assistant and web design. Been unemployed for the last six months, but hopefully that will change soon.

Other areas of interest are art, books, design, photography, poetry and the Web. And that both as a consumer and a producer.

Being part of Generation Y I’ve spent most of my life on the Web. I got my first computer and went online at the age of nine. Most of my time online is spent trying to satisfy my desire to keep updated regarding the subjects mentioned before.

I hope you’ll have a great time here. Even though the blog — as pretty much everything else on the Web — is meant to be a hub, guiding you further into cyberspace.

Best wishes,
Carl Gustaf Jarnling

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