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The State Should Fund Graffiti Artists


Re–blog from the Guardian.

Nothing to add. Mr. Jones is spot on: Give them [the young unemployed] a spray can (and access to free art education) and you just might produce the next Jackson Pollock. The first artist to pop up into my mind is Basquiat, who’s art has had an large impact on my life.


Why Men Can’t Handle Money (Part I)


Re–blog from the Chronicle.

Here’s just my personal experience. Many women actually seek out this adventurous boys to nurture and foster. I can’t say I have the whole picture even though I can think of many probable reasons. To be honest I’ve kind of taken advantaged of it. I never met or dated so many good looking bright women as when I gambled the most. Not to mention that I often met them in the company of dangerous men…

The Foresight of Google


Re–blog from the Guardian.

Jeff Jarvis introduction to his new book What Would Google Do?, published by Collins, put a smile on my face. I’ve talked about this with friends for the last 5 years. Finally someone has gotten the act together and written a book about it, strengthening the argument and justifying the view. I for one will read this as soon as possible.