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Braving the Black Sea


Re–blog from Soundscaping.

A review of Christian Fennesz’s album Black Sea, released 2008 on Touch, writter by Trym Asserson.

This was probably my favorite album of last year. I keep coming back to the highly textural piece Lullaby, it’s beautiful. I had the pleasure of attending Art’s Birthday earlier this year where Fennesz played it live. What a marvelous experience that was!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out. I assure you, it’s time well invested.

Lawrence English – Kiri No Oto


Re–blog from Soundscaping.

I totally agree with Trym Asserson. Australian sound artist Lawrence English’s Kiti No Oto was one of last years best albums. I specially like Lullaby, a hypnotic piece dense in texture and highly repetitive.

Future Grooves: Breeding Beats Like DNA, Lemur + Ableton Live + Max 5


Re–blog from Create Digital Music.

Intuitive musical interfaces are hard to come by today. Most of them are modeled on old stereotypes and honestly doesn’t add much to our arsenal. Mikael Björk’s “dynamic” sequencer is something else. I enjoyed both videos, nice to see it used in two radically different environments. Good work Mikael, keep it up!

Symphonies Conquers YouTube


Re–blog from the Swedish daily newspaper DN. Read the post in English via Google Translate.

This is a great initiative. I’m not that fond of classical music and seldom listen to it, even though I spend quite some time listening to contemporary art music. This way I can both listen to classical music and watch it being performed without spending money on it. Hopefully I’ll get hooked and pay it back by visiting more live performances.

The link posted on DN is broken. Follow this link to visit YouTube Symphony. And be sure to watch this beautiful Chinese music version of Tan Dun’s Erotica performed by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

David S. Ware Seeks Kidney Donor


Re–blog from Signal to Noise.

This is so sad. For me Ware, together with Anthony Braxton, is the definition of jazz. They are the two most expressive saxophone players I’ve ever heard. I beg you, please, please do whatever you can to help. I’ll quote from Signal to Noise:

Ware is seeking interested donors who are under 60 years of age and who are in generally good health without diabetes and high blood pressure. The transplant would take place at New Jersey’s highly-regarded Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. If you think you can help, get in touch with Joerg at 718 854 2387 or at

You can read more about Ware on the Signal to Noise post or at his web site. I’m with you mentally and spiritually David, I need you, the world needs you!

Every Sound You Can Imagine


Marc Weidenbaum has posted 10 photos on his blog Disquiet from the exhibition Every Sound You Can Imagine held at the New Langton Arts in San Francisco. The exhibition is guest curated by Christoph Cox, well known critic and experimental music guru. He has also written an essay available online at the exhibition site.

What I would give up to visit that exhibition! Thank you very much Marc for sharing this with the rest of us!

Blog Art by Rick Silva


Re–blog from Networked Music Review.

Be sure to check out digital artist Rick Silva’s new blog art project. Never ending music and animation. It’s awsome!