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Charlie Koolhaas: True Cities


Re–blog from VernissageTV.

The exhibition True Cities, by Dutch artist and sociologist Charlie Koolhaas at Architekturforum Aedes in Berlin, try to bring the World into one place. The concept is to show how connected the Globe is using photos from the four cities of Guangzhou, Dubai, Lagos, and London.

I find this naive view on photography’s mimetic qualities problematic. Of course Koolhaas herself is aware of this and states that as soon as you make collections they start to form communities of their own. So in a sense this art work is self-fulfilled.

The idea that each city is identified by it’s density or emptyness of space grabbed my attention. This definition by negation of space is worth contemplating. Could the same statement be made for the human mind?

Why Men Can’t Handle Money (Part I)


Re–blog from the Chronicle.

Here’s just my personal experience. Many women actually seek out this adventurous boys to nurture and foster. I can’t say I have the whole picture even though I can think of many probable reasons. To be honest I’ve kind of taken advantaged of it. I never met or dated so many good looking bright women as when I gambled the most. Not to mention that I often met them in the company of dangerous men…

The Foresight of Google


Re–blog from the Guardian.

Jeff Jarvis introduction to his new book What Would Google Do?, published by Collins, put a smile on my face. I’ve talked about this with friends for the last 5 years. Finally someone has gotten the act together and written a book about it, strengthening the argument and justifying the view. I for one will read this as soon as possible.

The Frightening Beauty of Bunkers


Re–blog from the Morning News.

The English translation of well known French critic and urbanist Paul Virilio’s Bunker Archeology, originally published in French 1975, was published earlier this year by Princeton Architectural Press. Here you find an excerpt from the preface, introduced by Rosecrans Baldwin and published together with some of Virilio’s photos.

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know


Re–blog from Swissmiss.

A re–blog of a re–blog but I feel that the topic of privacy on Facebook is so important. Specially today with Facebook growing in the pace it does and cyber crime on it is getting more common.

Drawing Board to the Desktop: A Designer’s Path


Re–blog from NY Times.

A fun, personal and informative piece by Michael Bierut about his road into the design business and the changes computer use brought to it. And Michael, being sentimental isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Also remember that we, the younger generation, someday in the not so far away future will be the ones with sentimental feelings. How will we cope with them If no one teach us to accept and handle them? I’m glad you did and shared this with us, and in such a fun way.