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Charlie Koolhaas: True Cities


Re–blog from VernissageTV.

The exhibition True Cities, by Dutch artist and sociologist Charlie Koolhaas at Architekturforum Aedes in Berlin, try to bring the World into one place. The concept is to show how connected the Globe is using photos from the four cities of Guangzhou, Dubai, Lagos, and London.

I find this naive view on photography’s mimetic qualities problematic. Of course Koolhaas herself is aware of this and states that as soon as you make collections they start to form communities of their own. So in a sense this art work is self-fulfilled.

The idea that each city is identified by it’s density or emptyness of space grabbed my attention. This definition by negation of space is worth contemplating. Could the same statement be made for the human mind?

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Tweet


Re–blog from ReadWriteWeb.

Guardian writer Paul Smith is trying to Tweet his way around the world! His username on Twitter for this project is twitchhiker. Please follow him and, if you can, help him to show that social networking is a force to count with!