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My Life in Art: How Jean-Michel Basquiat Taught Me to Forget About Technique


Re–blog from the Guardian.

A personally written introduction to Jean–Michel Basquiat’s life and art by Will Gompertz. As mentioned earlier Basquiat’s has had a big impact in my life. For us art interested DIY-kids of Generation Y he surly is the Master.


The State Should Fund Graffiti Artists


Re–blog from the Guardian.

Nothing to add. Mr. Jones is spot on: Give them [the young unemployed] a spray can (and access to free art education) and you just might produce the next Jackson Pollock. The first artist to pop up into my mind is Basquiat, who’s art has had an large impact on my life.

CutUp “Non-linear Harbinger Sytems”


Re–blog from SHIFT.

And be sure to visit British art collective CutUp’s own website, where you can watch a video and lots of photos of their art. Their next exhibition will be at the James Taylor Gallery in East London.