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Bottling Miraculous Creativity


Re–blog from the Morning News.

Watch this beautiful video of Elizabeth Gilbert’s lecture held at TED. Here she questions the western cultures egocentric view on the creative spirit. Her anxiety drove her way back into history and the ancient view of the genius.

I often talk about the Roman Genius with friends. Few know about it but everyone appreciate it. It seems many creative people find comfort in of these type of myths and I gladly promote them.

I first read about it in the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s collection of essays Profanazioni. It’s a really good book and I really recommend it.

And I really recommend any creative person to take a closer look on the ancient view about the Genius. I’m sure it will help you through some rough times.

Ed Ochester Presents a Poem by Dean Young


Re–blog from the Best American Poetry.

Poetry is a big passion of mine. I buy — books being another big passion — and read pretty much every poetry book published in Swedish. I’m not that acquainted with poetry from abroad, but I do read some foreign poetry and then always through the Web. (In one sense I do read quite a lot of poetry from abroad, but then always translated into Swedish. Most often in the best Swedish poetry magazine around: OEI.) The Best American Poetry is a great resource for American poetry and now I have yet another American poet to follow: Dean Young.