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How to Make Money on Facebook: Extortion


Re–blog from Silicon Alley Insider.

There seem to be news about scams on and criminal usage of the social web every day. Please, be careful of what you share on the Web and with whom. And that goes offline as well; otherwise it might end up on the Web one day without you every knowing about it.

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know


Re–blog from Swissmiss.

A re–blog of a re–blog but I feel that the topic of privacy on Facebook is so important. Specially today with Facebook growing in the pace it does and cyber crime on it is getting more common.

Facebook Opens Up: Lets Developers Access Status Updates, Notes, Links, and Videos


Re–blog from ReadWriteWeb.

The thing I like most about Twitter is the possibility to follow someone without them necessarily following you. I’ll use Twitter as long as that isn’t possible with Facebook. And of course, the longer I use it the more likely I am to stick with it. (That said I use Facebook aswell.)